Buying a cell phone under $150

Cell phone prices vary a great deal as per the models, features and brand name. Given the fierce competition and advertisements galore, an average customer feels totally confused on cell phone prices and models. There is actually so much variety that the choice becomes really difficult. If you are not a fan of company deals, then cell phones from open market are your only option.

Add to this the ever-changing cell phone prices and the equation is complete. For the benefit of our readers, we have break down the cell phone prices and models, as per your needs.

We still suggest the option of company-offered phones. They have the best cell phone prices due to package deals and you can get your hands on smart phones for as low as $99.


This is the most affordable range as far as cell phone prices are concerned. Unfortunately, you can’t get a very good phone in this price range, except if you can buy a second-hand one.

The new phones in this price range are available with FM radio but not any camera or bluetooth. Still, the deal would be good for those people who only want cell phones to be used in emergency conditions or small talk.


This range of cell phone prices gives you a rather manageable option. A couple of camera phones are available in this price range. In fact, most cell phone users would prefer this price if they are not going for service plans.

A prepaid plan or refill cards coupled with a phone of around $80 to $90 is perfect for an average cell phone user.


These are truly a little exorbitant cell phone prices for an average American. Devoid of any company-funded phones, most users would go for these phones if they are really catchy and carry the ‘it’ factor.

You can get a pretty decent phone, including smart phone, under this price range. A slightly used phone will be an even better option.

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