Shopping smarter with your iPhone




Having an iPhone and the Internet in your pocket has revolutionized the way we shop, plan and communicate with everyone. With Apple’s iphone App store applications, you are now able to make intelligent purchasing decisions. Here underlined are few tips to improve your shopping experience using your iPhone:

  • Search for product review

Using Amazon or Google to find out the rating reviews of the items under consideration would help you seek an opinion about the product as well as you get the user aspect of the reviews.

  • Comparison shopping on web

Before you take the final decision to buy the product, it is suggestable to go online and see it. for example offers the same item at a better price. Maybe you would be able to find a better deal on Amazon or eBay.

  • Use the Balance App to track your purchases

iPhone has a simple app -Balance- that lets you keep track of deposits and withdrawals from your bank account. It could serve as a reminder that you’d be better off saving your money.

  • Food Safety App

Health conscious grocery shopper can use the handy food additives iPhone app to gain access to a search-able database that will tell you about the origins of many additives, potential risks and whether the additive has been banned in any country.

  • Shopping list App

Your memory can fail at times and you might end up forgetting what actually you wanted to shop in the first place, so instead you can use the App Store that will keep track of things for you. You can easily add notes, prepare grocery list, and also add prices for tracking your budget, notes and photos.

These small tips are extremely useful and are being effectively used by many users. They help you use your iPhone to save money and shop more wisely.

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