Quick Bathroom Makeover Tips

Your bathroom  is the most private and essential area in your house. Besides the grooming aspects, for many it works as an area to kick back and relax, and get away from the daily hassles of life, while enjoying long hour bath.

You may have been thinking of renovating and maintaining your washroom for a long time, but your busy schedule may be causing hindrances. To help you with this problem we have some handy tips for you that would help you groom your washroom on off days such as your weekends and would help you give it an entirely new look.

Give it a new touch with color:-
It is important for your washrooms to be either cool and refreshing or warm and relaxing, according to your taste and climatic conditions. For example, in winters the cool effect of the washrooms may give you chills, and would make you hate the idea of even going to your bathroom, in such a case warmer look is important. If you can’t change the color over and over again you can go for a more neutral look, by using colors like light green and white. For cooler effect blue is always the best option and for warmer look red, peach and browns can be used. You can easily paint your washroom yourself using a roller brush. If you have your washroom done in tiles make sure that the color selected must be in harmony with the tile color. Using wall papers can also help add color and texture to the washroom walls and help cut down emptiness of the washroom.

Light up your washroom:-
Most of the interior designers consider lighting to be an inexpensive way to make the washrooms glow. Proper lighting in your washroom is a must have for self grooming. Even indirect accent lighting can get your work done, while giving your washroom a soft and warm ambiance. Make sure that the lighting fixtures complement with the tiles, plumbing accessories and paint color. For a contemporary look nickel, chrome and brass lighting fixtures are the best option to go for. Materials like vintage glass and iron are popular for giving a warmer look. Buying lighting materials all over again can be costly; if you think that your washroom is not well lit, adding a table lamp on the counter, can be a superb idea to light up the area, but ensure that it is placed away from the water sources. This also adds human touch to your washroom.

You can get more information about bathroom lights from www.americanlightingassoc.com

Reduce the clutter- Use the sort and store technique:-
Some times you can improve your washroom look by just reducing clutter. The trick is to take all the stuff out from your washroom, go through each item whether it is from your vanity box or a spray can. Ensure which items you need out of them and which you need to dispose off. By the end of this task you might find a pile of empty and unnecessary cans and bottles; most of the times you’ll find your old tooth brushes that you’ve forgotten to discard. Don’t mind, it’s never too late to clean the mess up. You can keep the most important things on the counter while the others can be placed in the bathroom cabinet. Once you are done with this task you’ll see how clean and organized your washroom looks. It is important to keep the cleaning supplies hidden in the cabinet or enclosed area under the sink to avoid your washroom looking messy. Visit the following link to get ideas on how to use the area under the bathroom sink.

Make it contemporary by accessorizing:-
Accessories can always help add style to your washroom and make it look fad. The basic accessories include the towels, shower curtains, towel railings and fancy hooks, a storage bag and laundry hampers. Floor rugs are also very helpful in stylizing and reducing the bareness of the washroom; they also help keep the washroom dry. Using hooks at the back of the bathroom door can help hang towels and bathrobe. Use soap dispensers and designed mugs for keeping toothpaste and brushes in place. You can also add wall hangings to your washroom to givie it a more classic look.

Have a green thumb for your washroom:-
Use of indoor plants for your washroom would give it a refreshing and natural feel. There are a variety of plants available in nurseries, just look for your favorite ones.

Add furniture to give a relaxing look:-
If your washroom is spacious making a sitting area or adding a small chest could be a great idea. These things work as a multipurpose, chairs or stools in the washing areas can be used for applying nail colors or doing self pedicure, whereas chests could be used for storing towels and drapes.

Using these simple and easy tips you can turn your bathroom into a unique and stylish area.


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