Save on Harris Seeds with New Discount Program

Harris Seeds, a well-known company in the seed industry, is offering a unique customer discount program to say “Thank You” to both new and returning grower customers. This program is designed to reward growers who are loyal to Harris Seeds and those who pay cash at the time an order is placed. The Harris Seeds Cash Discount Program and the Harris Seeds Loyalty Discount Program are simple to use; with every purchase cash customers will save 3% and loyal, returning customers will save even more.

Customers who pay cash at the time of ordering will automatically receive a 3% Cash Discount when their cumulative account order totals $100 or more. Cash payment methods include credit card, debit card, cash, check or money order.

Customers who return from the previous season will receive a Loyalty Discount from 2%-6% that increases with the order size. Best of all, customers can combine Cash and Loyalty Discounts for a total savings of up to 9% off of the order.

Customers who use Terms or Extended Terms will also qualify for loyalty discounts ranging from 2%-5%. Please note that plugs and liners are not eligible for discounts, but they do count towards the cumulative order total for the year.

Customers can also save even more with free shipping on purchases of $500 or more! As of July 1, 2013, Harris Seeds began offering free shipping on seed and supply orders of $500 or more, which is a significant reduction in order size compared to the $1,000 order threshold in the past.

Complete details of Harris Seeds’ discount program and shipping and handling information can be found at or in any of the Harris Seeds Grower Catalogs.

The Harris Seeds Company began long ago in 1879 in the fertile Genesee Valley of Western New York. Over the next century, it became a leader in the development and distribution of flowers and vegetables for the home garden and professional grower marketplace. Located in Rochester, New York, the company specializes in high quality vegetable and flower seeds, plants and growing supplies. The company publishes over 500,000 catalogs every year, serving the home gardener and professional grower. Quality has been the hallmark of Harris Seeds for over 132 years. It was the very first company in America to test for quality germination and print the results on every package of seed sold. Harris Seeds places extreme importance in providing the finest products available, coupled with service that goes unmatched in the industry.

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