Women’s Skirts: From Paris to Your Closet

all-necklaces-larger-view-whitebalance-adjusted-final-optimizedIt’s an indisputable fact: women’s skirts are making a huge comeback this year on runways across the globe. Take Paris, for example. This year, not only were the models wearing the skirts on the runways, but even the crowds that surrounded the event were adorned in the latest fashion style. Most of the women wore floral skirts, paired with crisp white shirts, but some softened the look, wearing a muted floral skirt along with a flowing shirt. However you get the look, the important thing is that you have this years most talked about fashion piece in your closet: the women’s floral skirt. Here are some tips about how to wear this year’s hottest fashion piece for whatever mood you’re in.

You Want to Look Chic

There are many ways to achieve a chic look when wearing a . Some women pair the skirt with sheer or lace shirts that flow over the top of the skirt, and then throw on a pair of heels. This look is complemented with a modern bag and jewelry, such as a gold, thick bracelet. You can also achieve a chic look by pairing your floral skirt with a crisp white shirt that’s tucked in, and a pair of strappy heels. Finally, for a dressier chic look, wear a halter top with your skirt, topped by a fabulous jacket. When dressing chic, it’s important to be bold with your makeup and hair.

You Want to Look Casual

Women’s floral skirts are perfect for a casual look. For example, when you pair a floral skirt with denim, the look is always perfectly casual. To enhance the look, add a leather bag and a pair of leather boots. If you want to get the look during the hot months, pair your floral skirt with a white men’s shirts, tied up at the waist, and then add some colored flats and a matching bag. Don’t forget to add jewelry when you’re going for a casual look, but make sure it’s not contemporary looking.

You Want to Look Romantic

When most people think of floral skirts, they think of romance. And there’s a good reason for that leading women have worn them in films for decades. To achieve this special look, you’ll need to select a floral skirt with muted patterns, and then pair it with a solid color shirt, in a fabric that easily flows and drapes over the skirt. Some women achieve the romantic look by wearing gingham or polka dot shirt with their floral skirts just make sure the colors are muted and coordinate well. Complete the look with romantic jewelry that has colored stones and round edges. When trying to look romantic, you’ll want to create a softer, muted look with your makeup. Skip the bold colors and go for a more natural, dewy look.

You don’t have to go to Paris to enjoy this year’s fashion styles. Just select a few floral skirts to add to your own closet, and then find the right shirts, shoes, and accessories to help you achieve whatever style you want on any given day.

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